Social media for business

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Social media for business

Welcome to 2018.

If you are business without a social media profile, or have one but very rarely use it, then make it your new year’s resolution to fully embrace it in 2018.

There are a number of reasons why social media is important for your business and here are five for starters:

1. Customers

The benefit of social media is that it makes it easier than ever before to get to know your audiences/stakeholders. The analytics that come with platforms such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to understand the major demographics and patterns of your customer behaviors. This means you can target your audience in a much more effective way.

2. Build a new audience

The search functions in all social media channels enable you to reach out to a new audience. Twitter is a good example. You can use hashtags to find out what people are tweeting about and you can become engaged in the conversations; just remember not to give out one-way promotional messages (always think what added value you can bring to these conversations).

3. Customer service

Because social media functions best in real-time, it gives you instant access to feedback from your customers. One of our housing association clients does this effectively, using Facebook to respond to customer queries.

4. Lead generation

It’s important to invest time in your social media relationships. The more you invest, the more valuable these relationships become and it can also help you to generate new leads

5. Brand awareness

If done right, you may never need to invest any money in social media. All the platforms are free to set up and whilst you may need to boost a status update or advertise a tweet, if you invest enough time in social media and get involved in the right conversations, it will help you build your brand awareness.

Please remember though that whilst it’s great to have social media profiles, if you very rarely update them, or put up bland, one-way messages, then you are doing it wrong. In fact you could be missing out new business and sales opportunities as a result.

We find that in many cases it comes down to time, so that’s why our clients hire us to look after their social media channels.

If you would to speak to Shaefer PR and Marketing about social media please get in touch.