It’s still true that a picture can paint a thousand words (although perhaps not if we are writing those words for you) so that is why in any PR and marketing programme we run for our clients we always recommend that photography should be a key element.

There’s nothing that can sell a story, website or printed material than a great picture but the costs of hiring a photographer can often be prohibitive.

However, as part of the service we provide, we can take photographs for you and we’re not just talking about using our smart-phones to do so, although to be fair these can often be great for taking a picture and instantly uploading it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

We have the latest equipment, including specialist lighting, and have had professional training, so there is really no need to go elsewhere. There are certain, special occasions where we might advise to hire an experienced professional photographer, for example food photography is a bit of an art form, but one of the main advantages of being former journalists is that our contact book is bursting with the names of great ‘snappers’.

And because they know us, that means we will be able to negotiate ‘mate’s rates’ on your behalf. So, when it comes to photography, there’s really no-one else you can call than us, so please drop us a line today.