There are two types of organisation – those who have had media training and those who haven’t.

If you are in the latter, then you really need to speak to Shaefer PR and Marketing. Unlike some companies, our media training programmes are not just about preparing you for the worst, although we do cover this of course, but there is just as much emphasis on getting you ready for a positive interview that could lead to you winning new business or increasing your customer base.

Given our background in journalism, we know exactly the sort of questions reporters will ask when they interview you, whether it is for a story that will reflect well on your business or if something has happened which could be potentially damaging to you.

Our bespoke media training programmes will provide you with the theory on why the media do what they do, but more importantly the practical role-play sessions we deliver will enable you to test yourself so when the time comes for you to do it for real, you are well prepared.

A typical media training programme run by Shaefer PR and Marketing will include:

  • An introduction to newspapers and broadcast media
  • Journalist ‘tricks of the trade’
  • Message preparation – the ‘rule of 3’
  • Interview preparation – what to wear and not to wear
  • Social media
  • Role-play
  • Evaluation

We have delivered hundreds of media training to clients in numerous sectors so please get in touch if you would like to find out more.