Media relations

It used to be that in the not too distant past if you wanted to use communications to raise, maintain and improve your public reputation, the only way to do it was through media relations – with newspapers, radio and television the chosen medium.

The internet, of course, has changed all of this and even newspapers now tend to put their content online first before you see it in the printed versions (today’s news really is now tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers – that is if newspapers were still used to serve Britain’s favourite food).

Despite being old hacks (well 40-somethings!) ourselves we don’t mind that things have moved on, in fact it is now an advantage because we can now use media relations to get our clients even more coverage.

Utilising our contacts and vast knowledge of the media we will research, write and distribute highly professional press releases and features on your behalf that will stand out from the crowd.

As former journalists ourselves, we are easily able to build relationships with journalists on your behalf so you will be the first point of call when they want authoritative comment on the stories of the day.

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but we will on this occasion, but our news stories are so good that all the journalists tend to do when they receive our wonderful prose is cut and paste, so nine times our of ten, the story we write for you will appear in the papers with no changes. How about that.

And you can rest assured that if we write a news release for you, as well as sending it to the media (print, radio, television and online), we will also automatically upload to your website and talk about it on social media – it really is win, win, win, win!

There are no better media relations specialists than us, so don’t waste your time with others; get in touch today to start using our services.