Copywriting is an art form and as an agency of former journalists, who better than to bring your business to life with the beauty of words?

Whether it is writing for a website, with search engine optimisation in mind, making sure your corporate brochure is written to instantly grab attention or choosing the right 140 characters on Twitter that will reach your target audiences, we will produce crisp clear copy that will get results.

At Shaefer PR and Marketing we live for our words. Not a single day goes by without us writing something for our clients and here are just a few key examples:

  • Press releases – we write with journalists in mind, so nine times out of ten when we send something to a reporter, it often ends up going in the paper without any changes being made.
  • Website – Google loves fresh content so we are constantly updating our clients’ websites, but not just for the sake of it. No, our copy is targeted to ensure our clients sites are fully optimised through ‘sticky’ words and phrases which are fully relevant to the target audience.
  • Social media – Less is more is becoming the norm with social media, so we take the approach that why use 100 words when 10 will do.
  • Email marketing – When an email pops up on someone’s screen it immediately has to capture their attention if they are going to open it to find our more. That’s where our newspaper headline writing comes in so useful.

We could talk all day about copywriting, but hopefully you have seen enough to want to use our services, so please drop us a line so we can help create beautiful words for you.