Communication strategy

Taking a scatter-gun approach to PR and marketing is not something we advise our clients and that is why Communications strategies are so important. Having a clear and coherent communications strategy is vital because:

  • It provides a link between business objectives and communications planning and delivery
  • It helps explain to policy and delivery colleagues how communications will support departmental objectives, and which strategic choices have been taken and why
  • It builds common understanding of audiences and priorities across a communications division
  • It creates continuity in communications activity over an extended period (especially when there is high staff turnover)
  • It can help to articulate objectives and measures of success when building a case for resources or evaluating performance
  • It will help you explore and mitigate communications risks

One of the first things we will do when you become a client, is to sit down with you to discuss exactly how you want communications to help your business. From this we will develop a communications strategy designed to meet the agreed objectives.

This strategy will cover everything from audience segmentation and key messaging through to the tactics that will be used in PR & marketing campaign. Perhaps most importantly, this strategy will be measurable so you can judge us on our performance.

If you would like to strategise with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.